An Open Letter to Tony Abbott (a happier one)

TonyAbbottWinkerDear Tony Abbott

It’s been a year since I last wrote to you. I was very angry back then, but you’ll be pleased to hear that this letter is not being written in anger, but has much more of a triumphant tone than my previous correspondence. The reason for this turn in my mood has everything to do with the reversal in your political fortunes over the previous 12 months.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, you are incredibly unpopular. Looking back at my grievances with you in the past, I can see that much of my frustration about your behaviour was born from the fact that you were so obviously getting away with being a complete wanker while still managing to be elected Prime Minister of Australia. No matter how much I tried to tell people just how dangerous a prospect you were as a PM, and no matter how violently opposed I was to everything you stood for, the Australian voting public went ahead anyway and chose to eat shit because they didn’t like spinach, and I must admit I may have gone a little mad with the injustice of it all. But I feel better now because you’ve been exposed. And you’re done now Tony. You’re finished.

Unfortunately the realisation that your character and your behaviour has finally caught up to you, hasn’t made up for the terror that you have inflicted on the Australian public during your first year as Prime Minister, and obviously won’t save us from the two years of terror we have to come. No matter what happens to your job Tony, your government is still ruined. I assume you’re fairly concerned about the permanency of your position as Prime Minister in the short term, considering just how unpopular you are, not just with the voting public but also with your own colleagues. You know as well as I do that the distraction of blaming Peta Credlin for all your faults can only last so long before those who used to support you start to question how it is that you either a) let Credlin make all your decisions for you and put words into your mouth considering you are meant to be the Prime Minister of Australia and capable of being the Prime Minister without a puppet-master controlling your every move, or you b) don’t let Credlin make all your decisions and instead make all the decisions yourself in which case the problem is with you and not Credlin and therefore you’re not capable of being the Prime Minister and should clearly be moved out of this job. I’m predicting a couple more Newspolls and you’ll be facing one or both of these questions. But either way, the problem with your government Tony is that you’re all as bad as each other. I’ve given up playing the ‘which Liberal MP is the worst in the government’ game because every time I settle on a winner, another contender reminds us why they are indeed the worst, and in fact you’re all competing to be the worst every day as if you’re running a sweep for which there must be a sizeable prize as you’re all trying your very hardest to piss off the electorate to the point of total electoral demise. It would be much more fun to watch this scene unfold if it wasn’t reeking such havoc on the fabric of my community in the meantime. But thankfully, the damage you are doing in the short term is just cementing in the minds of Australians an absolute determination never to let you or anyone like you anywhere near the job of Prime Minister ever again. So we can take the short term pain for the long term relief of you being a forgettable blip in an otherwise successful generation.

There’s one thing I want to make clear Tony. I’m not upset because members of your government are prone to ‘gaffes’, because I don’t think anything you or your other badly performing team members say are actually ‘gaffes’. A ‘gaffe’ is defined as ‘an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder’. A gaffe would therefore be something you said that you didn’t really mean, which you could easily apologise for and could be written off as a mistake and something that would never happen again. But no. It’s not just that the outrageous things you and your fellow Liberals have said are deeply offensive, and have helped Australia to get to know the true colours of you and your government, and to discover just how much we don’t want you running our country. There are no accidental slip ups when Peta Credlin is feeding words into your ear, which you carefully recite, slowly, mechanically, repeatedly, eerily, nastily, and sometimes with a perverse, psychopathic, lip-linking grin. You say exactly what you mean, and more importantly, you follow through on exactly what you say. So it’s not the sales pitch, the slogans, the sound bites, the ‘coal is good for humanity’, the ‘best thing I did for women was to repeal the Carbon Tax’, the ‘I’ll shirt-front President Putin, you bet I am, you bet you are’ memorable moments of your harrowing first year as Prime Minister. No, it’s everything you and your team say, constantly, every day, backing up your actions; your nasty ideological agenda, your culture war, your assault on social services, your refusal to take responsibility and instead blame Labor response to everything, your policies, your interest only in the super-rich, your hatred of the disadvantaged, your attacks on health and education, your inhumane treatment of asylum seekers, your vandalism of the environment, your racism, your sexism, your mismanagement of the economy, your attack on unions and the jobs they support, your campaign to use fear to control us, your beating up of what you call ‘leaners’, your self-entitlement, the most unfair budget Australia has ever seen, it’s everything you have ever done.

So forget about looking at your message Tony. Forget about the words. Your problem isn’t that the ‘left’ has figured you out and has found the best way to exploit your weaknesses to our advantage. The problem isn’t the budget sales pitch, something you can solve by hiring one of your ABC supporters as your new media manager. No Tony, the problem is you. The turd cannot be polished. We don’t like you and you keep digging the hole bigger. Scott Morrison as Social Services Minister? You’ve got to be fucking kidding Tony. If you think that’s going to fix things, you’re dumber than I thought. And that’s why it’s over for you. Your government will be voted out in 2016, with or without you as their leader. It’s over Tony. Australia doesn’t want you as our Prime Minister. Australia doesn’t want a Liberal government full of conservative fundamentalists. And there’s nothing you can do now to stop us correcting our mistake.

Yours sincerely, as always
Victoria Rollison


  1. Thanks you Victoria. Just what I needed, to brighten my rather dull day. Apart from reading online that the arse has fallen out of the Australian almighty dollar, while those Liberals in the West scream out for help. We are sinking into debt we need more GST. Why because China has stopped buying our coal and iron ore combined with those low prices in the mean time. So up goes the GST to bail them out and stuff the vehicle industries in Australia which has and will push thousand times more people onto the doll heap than the mining industry will ever do when they collapse into a big hole that they have dug for themselves.

    Peta Credlin must be pulling her hair out by the bucket loads having to cover up for the dumb turd she works for and watch it Abbott she has her eye on your job.

    Yes! No carbon tax collected Abbott screams. I haven’t noticed my energy bills dropping in price, instead they are just about to skyrocket into the ionosphere from the charges that privatisation has caused. Now that is competition at its best, the American way. Privatisation what a joke that is while our schools are set to follow Abbott’s delusions about education in Australia. Ah yes! again the American modelling is being pushed down our throats by this so called Adult Liberal and National Party economic idiots, who are supposed to be running our Federal Government. Adults in charge they yelled and we find out they are full of Dementia and Alzheimer’s, no doubt about that one not fit to hold office and off to the funny farm for them.

    Again the White Australia policy is back in play, including sexism and bigotry towards women is only used when it is played on the other foot by Abbott and Co by the looks of it. Abbott cannot help himself with this one. Shot in the foot again and again by his own finger. What a dud bullet this turd has turned out to be. Now that will teach all those swinging voters, who are just as dumb as Abbott and that is dumber.

    You know what Vic I have noticed, there is a growing swing against Abbott. We just have to read the vast majority of the blog replies against Abbott on the ABC articles, while those other mainstream media websites have taken those sort of things away from the online public opinion to comment on.

    Cheers Victoria well done.

  2. Victoria as usual you are an inspiration to all clearly thinking Australians and even to some of us who are unable to think clearly, my hope is that you and people like Kaye Lee will remain at the forefront of this movement for change for the better. I share every letter you write on my facebook page, with a great deal of pleasure.

  3. We wish… But the pessimist in me is not so sure. There are far too many apathetic people who no further than the Murdoch media. The message is not getting through.

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