A New Year Open Letter to Tony Abbott

Happy belated New Year everyone!

While Tony Abbott was in France over the Christmas break, he sent out his pre-recorded Christmas and New Years messages to the plebs back home.

With the help of my family, including @CatRollison, @KayRollison, Rick Fielding and two of my favourite Tweeps, @GalacticWomenAu and @ForthLeft, and with the extraordinary production skills of @WineTosser, we recorded my latest letter to Tony Abbott during the Christmas break:

Wound Up stars and is produced by Scott Clarke and is published on Independent Australia. Look out for the next episode!


  1. Watch the audio, guys – I had some problems with Kay’s input. Sorry – sound as if I’m carping: I’m not! I just don’t want to miss a syllable. 🙂 Bravo to all, and that bloke has a lovely voice. (I have to appear superficial: the rabble of wicked children worries me so much that if I become realistic about them I’ll probably slash me wrists …)

  2. Victoria et al
    You have been watching too many music vids and clearly think that such short fleeting elements make you look hip and cool, the audio quality is rather crappy and out of sync with the vision as well

    As for the argument in the piece, well its the same nonsense as usual. When it came to the ” “song” I could only be inspired to one response and that was to wonder what all of the participants in this vid individually drive. If a sinle one of you drive an Australian made car I would be very surprised indeed.

  3. Excellent! Great summary as always, love your work – you are a breath of clean air, along with the team – look forward to more. The best weapon against the delusional naysayers is just to keep on getting the truth out there. Happy New Year! 😀

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