BoomPoint Piper PM is giving people the booms all over the place. Promising an ideas boom, but delivering instead a booming stinky mess, you can see the disappointment written all over the faces of Australians as their worst fears are realised: Turnbull is the same Abbott. But now, instead of just having a turd of a PM, we have a turd covered in glitter and polished into a giant skid mark across the country.

Boom! The sound of the hopes of a generation destroyed when they realise $100,000 degrees are back on. The Turnbull government has literally admitted they think it’s a really bad thing that Labor opened up university places to young people who would never have had a chance at social mobility without higher education. Kick that ladder out! How dare those poor kids try to better their lot. Don’t they realise it’s their fault they were born poor and they should put up it and that if there’s no longer a manufacturing industry to employ them, then that’s their fault for not being able to afford to get an education, and if they dare go on the dole because they can’t find a job, then that’s their fault too and they’re really just lazy, dole bludging leaners. Or something like that.

Boom! The sounds of the cash registers filling up at private colleges. At the same time, Turnbull is keen to encourage more dodgy private education providers to open their doors to profit-making ventures which make money by saddling vulnerable aspirants with debts they have no chance of repaying, who have no interest in actually educating, and instead put all their effort into rorting government-funding and moving all their money to offshore tax-havens before any of their students even have a chance to graduate. Ain’t profit grand! Point Piper PM sure thinks so.

Boom! The sound of the public education system hitting the floor as Turnbull drop-punts it out-of-bounds-on-the-full, rejecting the notion that his government has any responsibility to fund public schools. At the same time, he cosets private schools safely into his bosom, ever determined to ensure they remain the privileged enclave of those entitled to the right connections to make lots of money. Point Piper PM is showing his true colours and no doubt there’s more of this public education bashing to come in the May budget. At least he’s honest!

Boom! The sound of wannabe expectant mothers’ hearts sinking as they realise that Point Piper PM wants to destroy the Paid Parental Leave scheme. He is schmaringly-smart enough not to actually use the term ‘double-dipping’, but will treat parents as double-dippers anyway. Just to add to the general anxiety of bringing a new future-tax-payer into the world, mothers who are expecting right now have already been told by Centrelink that their PPL is at-risk, even though this nefarious policy hasn’t actually gone through the Senate and therefore is just an aspiration, most unhappily for the government. You can guarantee, however, the wrecking will happen if the Libs win another term. Christian Porter confirmed this on RN this week. So, even though a mother’s employee-negotiated-maternity-leave-scheme is none of the government’s business, and is something she’s likely had to compromise in other areas of her employment contract to get in the first place, Point Piper PM is determined to penalise everyone who has an employer funded scheme, no doubt with the end-goal of encouraging employers to scrap their schemes altogether, destroying a system an entire generation of feminists fought for, and won, and if we lose, we will never get again. Thanks a lot turd face!

Boom! The sound of the nation’s heart breaking at the realisation that Point Piper PM has no plan, is making things up as he goes along, doesn’t know how to develop policy, has no interest in a social safety net, doesn’t believe in public education, doesn’t encourage social mobility, would prefer tax cuts for rich businesses than investment in nation building, is all talk when it comes to technological innovation while at the same time destroying Australia’s chance to leap-forward with high speed internet and is more interested in Cory Bernardi and George Christensen than he is in gay marriage and climate change. Perhaps Turnbull just isn’t as smart as he claims to be. Maybe his one real skill is white-anting and bitching and sniping and winning leadership spills. Maybe, that’s as good as he gets. I mean, did he really think Abbott’s unpopularity was just due to Knights and Dames and onion-eating and undeniable-unsuitability-for-the-job? Did he miss that we were all a little upset about Abbott’s budget and we would get just as upset about it if it was shoved down our throats for a third time? Apparently so.

Boom! The sound of me saying ‘I told you so’, and to be fair, the sound of Point Piper PM also saying ‘I told you so’, because he has told us many times that he is a free-marketeer and anyone who understands what a free-marketeer is wouldn’t be in the slightest bit surprised at Turnbull’s political priorities.

Boom! The sound of Australia’s boot hitting Malcolm Turnbull’s bum as we kick him out of office at the yet-to-be-specified-when election. Never has there been a more exciting time for Australia to rid ourselves of another wrecking ball PM. And let’s hope we’re never to be fooled again.


  1. I am a #delcon and I detest what Turnbull has done. I suspect you would not be Liberal. Malcolm is not at all like Abbott. But I agree with da booms and I love your gif.

  2. Spot on once again Victoria. With turnbull you get abbott. Their only care is for their big business buddies and money. They do not care about everyday people; only a way to keep them in their place. Just like the master slave arrangement. And their media mates help them do just that.

  3. Don’t tell me that Turnbull is breaking the sound barrier with his sonic brain waves, that are evaporating as soon as they are released into the atmosphere, thus leaving us with the Ding a Ling ping pong flop.

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