The Blip

Photo by Craig Golding/Getty Images
Photo by Craig Golding/Getty Images

I have waited a long time to write this post. I have so looked forward to this moment. I know, I know. Turnbull will be a harder opponent for Labor to beat at the next election, etc. etc. etc. But let’s just pause before we fight that battle and celebrate the end of the Abbott war. We never have to worry about the #OneTermTony campaign ever again, because Abbott never made it to one term. He is now officially just a blip on the landscape. He’s gone. His putrid ideological war is over. Happy dance!

I’m savouring this sentence: Abbott didn’t even last a term. Two chaotic, dysfunctional, vindictive, shambolic, dim-witted, ideologically irrational years as leader of this great country, proving day after day after day after day and sometimes more than once a day, that he was not competent enough for the job.

I know it’s not in good taste to constantly be saying I told you so. And I know everyone who reads this knows I told you so and all agreed when I said so, but we all did this by saying over and over again that Abbott is just not good enough. I said it from the day he beat Turnbull in a leadership spill at the end of 2009. I’ve been saying ‘Abbott’s not good enough’ for almost 6 years. It’s a long time to be outraged. But we maintained the rage and now we’ve won. Why do you think Abbott hates Twitter so much? Because we point out how shit he is at his job. And finally this opinion can’t just be called ‘electronic graffiti’ and has not just gone mainstream, it’s also infiltrated his own team. Finally now justice has been done. Abbott’s incompetence has resulted in him losing his job. Before he even moved into the Lodge.

With the end of Abbott, there’s lots of work to be done. The wreckage he has strewn is hurting the country in more ways to count. It will take more than two years to fix the damage of two years of Abbott, but at least we can start now and soon the Abbott stench will be gone. Some of us will prefer to forget the Abbott thing ever happened. Others might tell our children stories about the wrecking ball Prime Minister who ate onions and constantly embarrassed the country. Thankfully the story will be a short one and will have a happy ending. Today is that happy ending. All that will remain is a bad memory. A sad joke. Abbott is gone. Abbott the blip. Thank you all for your outrage. We did this.


  1. Not even One Term Tony, But Half a Term Tony. Even that was much too long. Now to get rid of the whole lousy lot of them. Keep up the great work Victoria.

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