I told you Abbott was naked

Abbott is nakedAbbott’s not wearing any clothes. His nakedness is now impossible for our lazy mainstream media, and in turn mainstream voters to ignore.

I often complain loudly that Abbott got a free run in the media during his time in Opposition and while he was campaigning (sloganeering) for the top job. Someone said to me the other day that I shouldn’t blame the press for giving Abbott this free run, because Abbott did do his very best to keep his plans as secret as his daughter’s design school scholarship. I can’t deny that Abbott and his colleagues tried to hide their moral nakedness from voters until it was too late for us to do anything about it. They clothed themselves in Labor bashing, in three-word-slogans and in yellow-vest-wearing-banana-stacking-fear-campaigns and produced a thin policy pamphlet full of promises that have now been broken.

But hang on folks. Hang on. If Abbott really did fool the media into thinking he wasn’t naked, and they in turn fooled voters, why is it that untrained amateur writers like me were spot on in our analysis of Abbott long before he became PM? Why did the open letters I and others wrote to Abbott, numerous times, so miraculously predict, like crystal ball reading savants, exactly the type of Prime Minister we have ended up with? A nasty, bigoted, sexist, rich-loving, poor-hating, expert-deriding, anti-science inarticulate thug who embarrasses the nation every time he opens his mouth? Why, when so many of us were saying that Abbott wasn’t wearing any clothes, did the mainstream media do their best to sheath the man in Teflon coated budgie smugglers, which enabled him to unleash his wrecking ball so shockingly on a mostly unsuspecting public? What I’m saying is, how did people like me see what was coming, but the mainstream media didn’t? Or worse, if they did, why didn’t they tell us?

I am upset by the Abbott government in varying degrees every day. There have been lower than usual points, like the commission of audit, the release of the budget and every policy within it, the lies about Gonski funding, the Royal Commission witch hunt into Julia Gillard and unions, the war-mongering in the aid of a poll boost, and just this week, a discriminatory stance to ban female Muslims wearing religious clothing in Parliament House. This last one seemed to finally crack the veneer of ‘nothing-to-see-here-move-along’ mainstream press reporting of the Abbott government, with, frankly better-late-than-never impassioned and obviously entirely outraged writing from the likes of Waleed Aly and Peter Hartcher. As a side note, I can’t help but wonder if Fairfax will notice the spike in traffic to these articles now that they’re finally revealing the real Tony Abbott and the justified outrage at the way he behaves.

But let’s not forget that this dog-whistling-with-a-mega-phone, Cory-Bernardi-look-alike Prime Minister hasn’t changed a bit since we first met him as the aptly described by Paul Keating ‘resident nut job’ from the Howard government. Tony Abbott has always been a creep. Tony Abbott has always wanted to wage an ideological class war on Australians and he is relishing his opportunity to do this as Prime Minister of Australia. Australians are suffering from the results of this war, as the naked-man-wrecking-ball smashes through our social welfare policies, education funding and the core pillars of universal health care. I know no one likes a know-all who says ‘I told you so’, but I totally did tell you so. Because it was obvious. He was standing right there and all I had to do was look at him, scrutinise for a millisecond and I knew what a disaster PM he was going to be. I’m not naïve enough to expect that the mainstream media would describe the coming disaster in quite as colourful language as I do. I understand the need for balance in journalism as opposed to partisan histrionics in commentary and blogging. But this doesn’t excuse mainstream journalists from doing their jobs. Please guys. Just some basic facts would be useful. Next time there’s a naked man, wearing red budgie smugglers that don’t even try to hide the horrors behind them, please consider doing your jobs and warning the public not to give this man the keys to the country.


    • Unfortunately, never. Abbot is the serf – Murdoch the Lord and Master. A brilliant exposé of the train-wreck we currently have posing as a Government in Canberra.

  1. Hello Victoria I wish you well. Again another great article, stripping bear those nonsensical yakety yaks by Abbott exposed as lies in the long run, while those nit wits from MSM bondage club worship divinely as gospel truth, thus showing them as fools.

  2. ok – if the burka or the niqab (as is far more common in australia) is religious garb, can you cite where in the koran it is mandated? It isn’t. It is a culturally imposed form of oppression of women. Your hatred of conservatives means that you’ll throw other women under the bus rather than lobby for their freedom? That you can’t see that there are very good security reasons why someone shouldn’t come into a secure area with their identity totally concealed from ready observation just beggars belief.

    And how come you’ll defend this oppressive form of religious expression while pillorying Abbott for holding religious views that are far more liberating for women than islam has ever been?

    • “And how come you’ll defend this oppressive form of religious expression while pillorying Abbott for holding religious views that are far more liberating for women than islam has ever been?”

      Yup, I read that sentence 10 minutes ago and I still can’t stop laughing.

      • Not even a ten second googling to link to an article to refute my position?
        I hope you’re not as pig ignorant of religion as Bill Shorten showed himself yesterday when he asserted that ead al adha was a celebration that christians and jews share with muslims.

        Look at the treatment of rape victims in islamic countries where islam informs the laws with the west where we were largely informed by the bible.

        Or the fact that polygamy is still common in islamic countries – effectively treating women as property that can be upgraded as and when necessary rather than people to be loved for life.

        Were the taliban, followers of islamic law, known for opening schools for women? Compare that to the myriad schools that christian groups run for girls.
        I’m not saying that christianity has always been lived perfectly or that there aren’t jerks within christianity (on any given day, I’m normally a jerk) but it requires a special level of myopia to assert that islam treats its female followers better than christianity.

  3. Another great, right-to-the-point article – you say it so well, even if the topic is so awful….when will the mainstream media wake up and smell the pong??

    Ha ha andy pandy troll – nothing to go with on this topic – you know who you work for, and it will all come down on your head in the end.

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