Another Open Letter to Tony Abbott

Dear Tony Abbott

I’m writing to you again with the knowledge that you clearly haven’t read my previous correspondence, including this letter, this letter and this video. Since I wrote those letters, you have gone from my worst nightmare as an Opposition Leader, to an even worse nightmare of a Prime Minister. Yet, as I was reminded this week on Twitter, and as I would like to remind anyone who reads this letter, you aren’t a scary monster. Thinking of you as some scary creature underneath the bed is probably not very helpful because it gives you a status you don’t deserve (and I don’t like the idea of you being anywhere near my bed). But seriously Tony, to be scary and feared, you need to be successful. But when you look at your term as Prime Minister so far, it would be inaccurate to suggest you’ve been successful because you clearly have not. A bit like when you interrupted Parliament to say that wreckage from Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 had been found, when it hadn’t. And a bit like when you pretended not to notice 100,000 Australians protesting across the country against you and your government. You just end up looking like a bit of a loser Tony. A pathetic, desperate, not-very-quick-on-his-feet, not very charismatic, not very articulate loser. And that’s why you’re not a monster. Because monsters aren’t desperate losers. So you don’t qualify.

Let’s look at another example of your desperate mode of government, which leaves you and your colleagues exposed as weak. Joe Hockey has clearly embraced the role of yelling-strict-father-star-of-all-conservative-wet-dreams-dictator in his recent reasoning for why huge cuts need to be made to government spending. Apart from the fact that it seems counterproductive for your government to be attacking a segment of the community which you have come to rely on for votes – pensioners – by telling them that they need to get over their sense of entitlement that the pension will support them into retirement, it also seems incredibly hypocritical for you to go after the sense of entitlement of people who have paid tax their whole lives, whilst also giving rich people up to $75,000 for six months of maternity leave. Apologies for the length of the last sentence Tony, but there was no more simple way to explain it. The whole small government versus big government thing you rely on goes up in smoke through this hypocrisy and leaves you looking like an opportunistic, vote-grabbing bastard. Particularly because you said you wouldn’t be cutting pensions, numerous times. So that would make you a liar, would it not?

But that’s not all Tony. You and Joe Hockey keep banging on about spending cuts, whilst completely ignoring revenue issues. Might this be because part of the revenue problem is that Australia hasn’t reaped the benefits we should have from the mining boom? And isn’t the mining tax part of Labor’s solution to fix this mistake? But while you and Joe say over and over again that the government has run out of money and that pensioners are costing too much, wasn’t part of the reason the previous Labor government implemented the mining tax because they wanted to increase the superannuation savings of Australians from 9% – 12%? Wouldn’t that have reduced the reliance of Australians on the pensions when they retire?

Speaking of your ‘run out of money’ line, surely even you can see what a bad look it is to announce that you’re spending $12 billion on Joint Strike Fighter jets in the very same week that you’re preparing the electorate for your ‘it’s time to tighten our belts’ budget. I know you’re disappointed at the criticism you’ve got over this decision, after making it very clear how pro-defence spending you were in the election and after the previous Labor government also supported this project. However, the difference between your government and the Labor government is that Labor didn’t whip up a fear campaign about a budget deficit. Labor didn’t say the government has run out of money. Labor didn’t try to scare the electorate into thinking Australia’s debt levels were going to lead to a default and a Spain and Greece like debt crisis. You chose the austerity for everyone except for Gina Rinehart bed and now you have to lie in it. You’ve been talking about a ‘budget emergency’ to justify cutting health, education and welfare at the very same time as you’re spending thousands of lifetimes of old-aged pensions on imported planes. See what I mean about not being very smart Tony?

And let’s not forget the mess you’re making with your Direct Action Policy. First you say climate change is crap and spend years placing all your eggs in the ‘axe the carbon tax’ basket. But now you’re planning to spend tax-payer funds on a useless, wasteful program that has no guarantee of even being taken up by polluters, let alone reducing emissions. So you’re basically pissing money against a wall, for no community benefit other than a few rich polluters who will be free to rort tax payers by spending government funds to reduce emissions. When these polluters shouldn’t be polluting our atmosphere for free in the first place. This is lunacy Tony. This isn’t the work of someone to be feared. This is the work of a desperate man who has zero credibility.

I know you will never read this Tony, but I feel better just for having written it. You’re not scary. You’re pathetic. And the way you’re going, I’m not going to have to put any effort into my #OneTermTony campaign, because you’re clearly working hard enough for both of us to this end.

Yours Sincerely
Victoria Rollison


  1. I see a great deal of confirmation bias in your argument here Victoria. Along with your usual misguided tropes about climate change and other coalition policies, a delusional belief that out of a nation of more than 20 million people a mere 100K spread over the capital cites is a significant “protest” you still haven’t cottoned on to the fact that your beloved Labor party was thrown out more than anything because of their constant internal leadership squabbles and their total lack of administrative ability.
    Even the their much revered former leaders Hawke and Keating are now being honest about the last term of the Labor party government and the moves by Electricity Bill Shorten to reform the party recognises that Labor deserved to lose the last election because of their moribund membership numbers and the malign influence of the union movement.

    • I just want a police investigation into the like of Gillard whom the public is giving over 400k in salary to as an ex priminister,

  2. so the JSF, which would be safe to say labor would be buying also, is a bad idea?
    or that maternity leave if it is intended to encourage people beyond unemployed bogans to have kids should reflect the wages that people would be leaving behind for six months?
    Or that it makes sense to minimise carbon emissions by getting people to stop doing things that would be the cheapest to get rid of? Picking the low hanging fruit and all that….

    were any of these things not part of the platform they were elected on? or is it just sour grapes at labor being so utterly incompetent that any labor personage not presently serving in canberra bagged out the previous administration?

  3. Iain Hall: So your argument is that Coalition won the election not because of its policies but because of Labor turmoil. With that I have to agree. It follows then that the Coalition do not have a mandate for anything. I agree with that too.

    • (I’m not Iain for the hard of reading): that the labor party were largely the tools of their own demise largely like a shakespearean tragedy doesn’t mean that the coalition doesn’t have a positive basis for them to govern.
      Alternatively, wtf would you have the coalition do for the next 2.5 years until the next election is due?

      • Hi Andy
        apologies for the idiots who keep thinking that you are me, sadly the worst offender on that score is obsessive enough to have an extra twitter identity devoted to attacking me personally.

      • nobody does vile abusive hatred quite like the left.
        (compare the f**** Tony Abbott tshirts worn by many to the solo idiot with the ditch the witch banner, and you’ll get the picture)

  4. Iain Hall, the 100k protestors over the capital & regional cities is far significant number than the pathetic protest held by the LNP aided and abetted by the Fairfax & Murdoch press and the screaming shock jocks, Alan Jones and his cronies, after Julia Gillard formed a government with minorities. Something that Abbott was incapable and incompetent in doing, though as Tony Windsor later commented he would have sold his soul to attain. The 100k protestors were grass roots protestors and came from all walks of life, and not staged managed from any particular political party, as was the 3 stooges protest in Canberra.
    I totally agree with Victoria that this is the worst Government that Australia has experienced, in all the years that elections has been held in my time of voting, approx. 50years. It is incompetent, divisive and totally uninspiring.
    And as for your climate change comments. I would rather follow the evidence of 97% of scientists, than 3% of sceptics, typical of bogan comments.

    • Lorraine
      We could eternally debate the significance of various protest turnouts and never agree however I do suggest that you take heed of of former Labor PM’s Hawke and Keating who have both been less than complementary about the last period of Labor Government. Heck even Electricity Bill Shorten is finally admitting that Labor were deservedly thrown out of office at the at election because they deserved to be in opposition.

      As for your faith in the Climate change Profits(not a spelling mistake) its very touching but of no consequence because even if those Warminista Gurus are correct there is nothing that can practically be done apart form adapting to a changed climate if and when we have to.

      • Like Costello and other LNP mps have said that the Abbott is an economics illiterate, bully boy

  5. Well done, Victoria, well aired, well expressed as always – you continue to get those pointy nails right on the head 🙂

    Readers, don’t let the trolls suck you in! Scroll right on by, it is all rubbish meant to divert…

      • This is the reason for your reputation, stalking people who change there profile, so that they will not be stalked by people like you.

      • Paul
        It took absolutely no investigation to notice your pathetic attempt to reinvent yourself by changing both your avatar and your screen name. Its right here in front of us because the same avatar appears beside each of the names that you are using. The Irony that you accuse me of using a sock-puppet here should not escape anyone’s attention either.
        You are a rather pathetic man if you think that all of the hate that you throw at me is going to win you any friends or be anything other than a very small annoyance to me personally.

      • ROFLMAO, so a person cannot change his profile because of people like u, they need your permission now, do they, I do not expect to win friends, I am not like you, this proves that u are the stalker

      • Inane, I have not created sockpuppets, just changed profile, if I wanted to create a sockpuppet I would have created a new account like you.

  6. Abbott repeals the carbon price that big polluter’s pay, repeal a tax that big miner’s pay, both government revenue, plans to introduce a new tax on income earners to bring in a surplus budget after he said NO NEW TAXES before the election

    • how much were the miners paying?
      you do realise that the big polluters just passed the cost on to the consumer.
      i agree that abbott will have problems in selling this levy or tax. a colleague at work said that it amounted to everyone effectively repaying the Kevin Rudd $900 big screen TV payout, and that was fair enough (in his eyes).

      Without arguing the rights or wrongs of this tax, how exactly would you suggest the government balance the budget? which things would you cut, and which things would you raise taxes on without stoping business activity?

      • Abbott is replacing the carbon price with direct action, we pay, Abbott introducing PPL a big new tax on companies, we will pay as well when they pass on the costs to us, Abbott want to tax people over $80,000.00 we pay, pay more when we go to the doctor, pay when we go to the hospital, so this is a government that wants to tax everyone more. So what would you do

      • You do realize that the mining tax only covered certain minerals and only on profits after tax over a certain level.

      • Start with broadening the mining tax, remove or reduce the diesel subsidy for the big miners, increase the gst, a few just for starters.

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