An Open Letter to Rupert Murdoch

News Corp Chief Executive Rupert Murdoch attends The Times CEO summit at the Savoy Hotel in LondonDear Rupert Murdoch,

I am writing with good news. Not good news for you. Let me explain.

You are probably in a pretty good mood right now, understandably. Your puppet is running my country. Not your country. My country. You chose to give away your citizenship of Australia, presumably because you can make more money as an American. So now you are precluded from voting in Australian elections, which is by the by because you are, I’m depressed to say, having the pulling-out-a-plug-in-a-bath sort of influence regardless. Compared to my citizen’s vote being equal to pissing in the ocean.

However, I’ve moved on from the anger I felt about this situation in the lead up to the election, when you used your Australian newspapers to not just campaign for an Abbott government win, but to bully and downright corrupt your way into power. You got what you wanted and now we (Australians, not you) have to live with the consequences. I studied marketing at university (and graduated, did you graduate from Oxford Rupert?), so I understand why you were so anxious, in a business sense, to ensure a whole new market for television viewers didn’t suddenly open up via the internet via a world class National Broadband Network. A business owner should do whatever he or she can to protect their market share, whether selling fruit or Foxtel subscriptions. I can see why it’s in your personal best interests to kill such progressive infrastructure reform in Australia in a dollar and cents way. This, of course, doesn’t make your behaviour in campaigning against the Labor government to rid your company of the NBN any less evil. What you’ve done is akin to a fruit grower sneaking into his neighbour’s yard in the night and burning down his apple orchard, because his own orchards aren’t bearing profitable fruit. So yeah, your ethics leave a lot to be desired. But what would we expect from a person whose newspapers profited from the hacking of a dead child’s phone? Business ethics? What a fucking joke.

I guess with this free run you’ve given your puppet candidate, it’s understandable that the puppet is feeling a tad cocky. This cockiness seems to be of great pleasure to you. Amazingly you even managed this week, amongst your excitement, to deliver a tweet without a spelling or grammatical error. Good work Rupert.


So you’re pleased with the level of obedience you are seeing. You love that Australia has just become the first nation in the world to turn off a climate change alleviation policy, when other countries are fighting similarly evil, rich old men like you to implement their first action against climate change. You’ll be dead before we truly know how fucked we are by your evil acts. I guess the safety of your young children and grandchildren is of no consequence to you. Not when there’s money to be made in your lifetime.

But the thing is Rupert, your joy at your puppet’s quick and decisive action to show us just how conservative, backward, unthinking, anti-intellectual, misogynist, circa 1950 and just plain old fuckwit Australia’s new government is going to be, may have some unintended consequences for you and your puppet and your puppet’s government.

I know you might not have noticed the outrage your puppet has caused in the very first three days of being in power, a power you have longed for and your puppet has longed for your entire lives. I guess it’s understandable that you don’t hear the masses when you only follow 47 people on Twitter and I can see you choose those Tweeps very carefully. A quick scan of the accounts you follow reveal The Australian, Boris Johnson, Pope Francis and the puppet himself. Excuse me if I pass on attending your next Tweet Up. But I’m fairly well connected with Australian Tweeters and this is where I get to the point where you will understand why my letter is a joyous one. You see, Australia’s progressive Twitter population might be a very small population, but we’re representative of a larger whole and we’re wholly outraged by your behaviour in unethically delivering your puppet power. And equally as outraged by the way that this puppet is also using this power. So what? I’m getting there.

Surely you’re smart enough to advise your puppet that it’s not exactly bright to prove how ready-for-power and not-sexist he is by naming himself as the Minister for Women’s Policies and Programs in a cabinet of only one very questionable woman. Leaving aged care, disability and science from Cabinet Ministries. Scrapping the Climate Commission. Meanly removing the popular Steve Bracks from a diplomatic post. Petty sackings of bureaucrats. Promoting a work for the dole policy for indigenous Australians (hello race discrimination) and a reduction in indigenous legal aid. Managing to piss off our largest and most populace neighbour, Indonesia, just to name the highlights.

Going this hard, this early is only going to have one outcome, and this is not a good outcome for you and your puppet. I know all the actions I have listed above would count as achievements to people like you. But not everyone feels this way. In fact, through these actions, your puppet has done something Labor was unable to do over the last six years, and it’s something that is going to hurt your puppet’s government deeply at the next election. I even think it will make my hash-tag prophecy come true. #OneTermTony. It’s pretty simple Rupert. Something has shifted. You and your puppet have unified and mobilised progressives. We got sidetracked over the last six years as our progressive Labor government delivered reform after juicy policy reform. Our eyes came off the ‘fighting Tories’ ball as Labor MPs infighting and Labor vs Greens infighting removed effort from the primary goal of ensuring baddies like you don’t win government. But we’ve learnt our lesson now. In only three days, we’ve collectively learnt our lesson. Thanks to you and your puppet, we’ll never err again. You’ve sparked a revolution and for that, I am very thankful. Not grateful, because you haven’t done it purposely. But thankful. Well done Rupert. Australia will, eventually, thank you. Because after progressives unite to rid this great country of your puppet, we will never forget the part you played.

Yours sincerely
Victoria Rollison


  1. In my opinion is this. Rupert Murdoch is nothing but a bloody mercenary traitor to the free press of this free world and his actions have now been cemented into history by his indirect and direct interference in United Kingdom media and now Australian media, that gets the same tick of lunacy of a dictator. He might own most of Australia’s media but there has to be a separation of powers from ownership dictatorship control within free press.

    The other is, some of those so called mainstream media gurus of the spoken language, have said publically, that Murdoch is one of Australia’s iconic hero’s who rose above all the diversities in life to become Rich and Famous. And these same village idiots still call Murdoch an Australian. Australian my arse he is a Yank.

  2. Meanwhile his unwitting (or uncaring) handmaiden Christine Milne is basking in the ‘success’ of another financially ruinous victory in the seat of Melbourne. Her determination to continue the Greens Party’s attack on otherwise safe Labor seats is illustrative of a twisted sense of values that accept a 4% death rate is an acceptable trade off for a purist approach to asylum seeker policy

    • You probably didn’t pick this up, but Rupes hates the Greens and wants to destroy them. Might be wise to stop slagging them off and ally with them. Just don’t let Kevvy get involved this time….

  3. So say all of us! At 76 and lifetime avid reader of newspapers and now their electronic equivalent; politics in particular. I am offended to see how our fifth estate has become so heinously biased to suit their own financial interests whether it be to dampen the National Broadband or to pander to the readers that love to read the basest of articles in an effort to sell more of their (dying) newspapers. Politicians seem to be fair game…I am bemused that some commentators (never again will I call them journalists or newspapers reporters) are now building up to denigrate the “puppet” and his crew as well. The dollar Rules. Good article, Victoria. Will follow and become involved with protests as much as these old bones will permit.

  4. Commendable sentiments, but an “open letter” to someone implies you think they will read it – why do you imagine Rupert would ever bother reading this.

    No need for all the swearing, either. Or are you trying to show how grown up you are?

  5. When referring to Murdoch you are entitled to swear. This “person” abuses all the proper principles of fair play and honesty to achieve what he wants. I believe he has crossed the threshold of acceptability long ago, but it is obvious to MORE than ever before. Same old tactics that have worked forever but things are catching up to you Rupert. Money can’t buy a dying “person” a reputation. More despise you than ever. Corruption is your legacy.

  6. The unashamed and overt objectives of this Murdoch creature are proof of the dangers we face in Australia from a Murdoch-compliant Abbott government. The gall of this man! If Murdoch ‘popped his clogs’ tomorrow, would Abbott, I wonder, loose his sense of direction. Hmmm. Something to look forward to.
    And as for Abbott, his submissiveness to Murdoch and the ‘big money’ end of town shows his extraordinary lack of character. Abbott lives in his imagination of himself as one of these same people which means he can have no understanding of what is in the best interests of Australia. A run, a swim, a bike ride with a few of the boys does not mean he has any understanding of the average person – it is just a show. Definitely not a fit person to run Australia… Are there any respected ‘medical professionals’ out there brave enough to comment?
    Victoria, your anger is perfectly understandable. I believe the collective anger in this country is soon to reach unprecedented proportions and I can visualise rallies in towns and cities across all of Australia. A few weeks or months of Abbott and the people who voted for him will turn on him like a pack of rabid dogs.

  7. The Australian Press Council this week upheld complaints by law firm Slater & Gordon about reports by The Age’s editor-at-large Mark Baker.

    The adverse findings relate to two of Baker’s many articles on the matter of former PM Julia Gillard’s legal work for a trade union in the early 1990s. His stories have peddled innuendo, half-truths and falsehoods for nearly a year

    The two in question were the short news item, ‘Gillard gave support for union group’s registration’ and a longer analysis piece, ‘Parting company: Brothers no more’. Both ran in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Canberra Times last October.

    The Council identified several deficiencies. There are others it didn’t.

    The first false statement in the brief news item was that another law firm had been ‘pressing Slater & Gordon for more than a month’ to give former union member and self-proclaimed whistleblower Ralph Blewitt ‘access to the association incorporation file’.

    The second was that a former lawyer had ‘accused the firm of stalling’ in handing over the file.

    Baker wrote in the article:

    ‘The file is believed to contain a copy of the letter Ms Gillard sent to the Corporate Affairs Commission affirming the association would be devoted to workplace safety.’

    The law firm has consistently said there was no file. The Press Council now confirms Baker’s claims were false.

    Problematic assertions in the longer story were, firstly, a quote from former Slater & Gordon partner Nick Styant-Brown claiming the firm:

    “…in my view, have this sort of untrammelled objective of protection and hiding adverse material at all costs.”

    Secondly, Baker described a draft by senior partner Peter Gordon as ‘a document that made a mockery of [a] media statement’ issued by the firm.

    The Council determined that Slater & Gordon should have been asked to respond before publication. Had this happened, these falsehoods would have been exposed.

    Excerpt from the Press Council ruling. Click on image to see the full ruling.

    In a bizarre defence, Mark Baker wrote to Crikey after their report:

    ‘My story quoted former lawyer and activist Harry Nowicki accusing Slaters of stalling on requests to hand over details of an unofficial file Gillard kept in her office detailing her slush fund legal work.’

    It seems Fairfax thinks it’s okay to run false stories if the lies are concocted by a third party?

    The Press Council, however, says this is not okay.

    Baker’s self-justification continues:

    ‘We made a considered decision not to seek a response from Slaters … because we had … genuine concerns that if we flagged details of our reporting we risked a court injunction to stop publication.’

    Now, why would the law firm seek an injunction? And why, in a country which values freedom of speech, would one possibly be granted? The only answer is if the stories were not true.

    Does this amount to an acknowledgment that The Age knew in advance that its claims were concocted?

    It appears so.

    Two other aspects of Baker’s vendetta deserve condemnation, although neither was the subject of Press Council judgment this time.

    His articles assert repeatedly that Gillard told Slater & Gordon partners in 1995 that an association she helped union officials incorporate – the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association – was a “slush fund” set up to bankroll union electioneering.

    But Gillard said no such thing.

    An incorporated association is legally constituted by the Corporate Affairs Commission after certain requirements are met.

    A fund is an account opened by a bank or other institution on application by eligible account holders. There was at least one account opened by the association after it had been incorporated.

    What Gillard referred to in her discussions with colleagues as a “slush fund” was a bank account — not the association. They are separate entities.

    Secondly, Baker asserts that

    ‘Ms Gillard resigned from Slater & Gordon after being challenged about her role in establishing the association.’

    False. There was a routine exit interview conducted after Gillard resigned to enter politics. The continual implication that the interview led to the departure – read sacking – rather than the other way around, is a rather reprehensible distortion — if not an outright lie.

    In his curious denial, Baker repudiated the judgment and blasted the Council. His memo to Crikey asserted

    ‘…this finding is flawed and illogical — like so much of the work of the Press Council.’

    What he and The Age stand to gain from this dummy spit is puzzling. There would not appear to be much political gain to be made in embarrassing or distracting the former PM now she has left politics.

    Perhaps Fairfax is seeking to emulate Murdoch in savaging its critics.

    The Leveson inquiry in Britain found last year

    ‘…a cultural tendency within parts of the press vigorously to resist or dismiss complainants almost as a matter of course.’

    The inquiry found that even when an apology is agreed Murdoch’s mob seeks revenge by

    ‘…high-volume, extremely personal attacks on those who challenge them.’

    First Murdoch, now Fairfax. Such is Australia’s doom.

  8. Really Victoria you need to move on form such silly conspiracy theories and you need to accept that the people have voted out the worst Labor government since Gough got the chop. You see I am old enough to remember the same sort of claims about the evil media conspiring to remove Gough in the mid seventies, It was bullshit then and its bullshit now.

    Even those Labor MP’s who survived the September 17 decimation admit that the Labor government was far from perfect and maybe you would sleep better with less angst if you could do the same thing.
    Murdoch and the media in general were ALL critical of Labor for a very long time because they earned that criticism, fair and square from the way that they governed and the way that they failed to govern themselves.
    We live in an age when we expect that first and foremost that our government should be sound managers of the programs they devise and Labor repeatedly failed at this which more than anything is why they are on the nose with the people and will be unelectable for many years to come.

    • Not sure if you are even on the same planet as I am. But I forgive your ignorance, Mr Hall. I also have lived through both of those labor (note the spelling) defeats. You should read more independent commentaries …by any measure, the Gillard government was innovative, efficient and successful. It was the labor movement. (Note the spelling again) who had let us all down. Even your predictions are based on a nonsense. Over a hundred years is a significant period of Labor Party history…you would do better absorbing some of it.

      • ellybaz
        My spelling of ” Labor” is absolutely correct as it is the proper name of a political party. In Australian English we spell the generic word “Labour and as I was referring to the party I was correctly capitalising the proper noun.
        But to the substance of your comment ; while its true that Labor government do have some good ideas they have also have a woeful record for promising the world but delivering far less.
        now while many will think that all players should aim high in the hope that they may occasionally make their target the realists among us are very tired of seeing miss after miss and consider more modest aspirations that are achieved more admirable rather than noble failures constantly mourned.

        Finally may I suggest that you do as I do and read more by those you disagree with rather than just those that are consistent with your personal ideology.

      • Typical of Mr Hall, he fails again to research his rational arguments as usual.

        The Australian Labor Party adopted the spelling of word Labour in 1908 but changed the spelling to Labor in 1912 and has used this registered political name “Australian Labor Party” ever since, including in short acronym being the “ALP”. So to use the word Labour as you suggest is incorrect, while using the reference terms to a registered legal identity name.

      • James
        You are mistaken because If I mean the Labor party I always spell it LABOR and as it is a proper name it should be capitalised precisely as I did in my original comment. I simply sighted the true spelling of “labour” if it is used as a synonym of “work” or other more general usages. because I can’t for the life of me understand why I should be chided for may very precise usage of correct English when I did not make the mistake for which I was admonished.
        Further despite the historical facts that I was both well aware of and do not dispute I have always felt that it was a bad move from the ALP for two reasons, firstly I think that it insults Australian working people because it assumes that they are incapable of grasping the rules of spelling and secondly because it follows the American spelling conventions which are generally abhorrent to anyone with respect for the origins of our culture.

      • Then you are alone, for it has been the Australian Labor Party for 101 years and that wording is a lot older than you will ever be Mr Hall, no matter what you think. It has been the “Australian Labor Party” through two world wars and a lot of fellow Australians have died for that name sake.

    • Really Victoria I hope you don’t move on with your so called ” silly conspiracy theories”, because your are definitely on the right track. Obviously Iain Hall is a fan of Tone the Drone & his maniacal mantra, which we are all sick to death of hearing.
      I was also old enough to vote for the Whitlam government, and can remember the “bullshit” that the Fairfax & Murdoch media wrote then.
      You have obviously forgotten some of the great reforms that the Whitlam government brought in, and no doubt you and your family would have benefited from them; eg; equal & fair pay for women, medibank, far cheaper university name a few.
      If the first week of the lieberal government is any indication of the next three years, TONE THE DRONE & HIS MANIACAL MANTRA, will be forgotten history.

  9. Murdoch started by getting into the heads of labour members. So they started eating each other.
    How sad was the treatment of first Rudd then Julia.
    I didn’t vote for the liberal party.
    I am not an intellectual but I do read
    I saw through murdochs campaign.
    So labour people hang your head in shame for going against your heart,
    Woe to us for the next 3 years.
    Pfft to all of you. I have to suffer with you

  10. I remember when Gough wouldn’t do things for Murdoch, so Murdoch turned on him. In actual fact journalists went on strike over it. Victoria I love reading your blog as when I read it , it’s everything I have been thinking and feeling. How will we find out about boat arrivals now that they are not reporting them. Also what’s happening with fraud and, will it be disbanded. I have a terrible feeling about this government and where they are leading Australia. I think we are becoming a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

    Can anyone tell me what vision Tony has for Australia. Also where are the polls. Very quiet on that front.

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