It is official.

TheAgeIt’s official. The mainstream media has gone stark raving mad.

This article was published in the Age today:

For the sake of the nation, Ms Gillard should stand aside

Let me preface this post by saying that I take great pride in writing a blog using my own name. I am Victoria Rollison and these are my opinions. For some people, writing under a pseudonym is their only option. I understand that. But what I don’t understand is why this piece of junk article has no byline on it. It implies it has been written by a newspaper. But we all know newspapers are just mechanisms for delivering words. They are where news articles are published. Newspapers can’t actually write, because newspapers don’t have a brain. Someone, or some people wrote this article and I don’t understand why they are not proud enough of their words to put their name to them. Perhaps they think it gives the piece more gravitas to sound like it’s been written by some higher force, some all knowing being which has more power than just some journalist, editor or media executive hack. I’m calling this out for the bullshit it is. There is no higher power and why the fuck should there be in a democracy? This piece has nothing to do with the interests of Australia. It has everything to do with the interests of Fairfax media and their unrelenting campaign to bring down Julia Gillard, our first female Prime Minister. Emphasis on the word FEMALE. Also emphasis on the Prime Minister’s title which is, more often than not, left off Julia Gillard’s name in pieces throughout the mainstream media, including this one.

I would have thought this an obvious point to make, but it seems I have to make it anyway for the benefit of those people who decided to take it upon themselves to write this article: it’s not Fairfax’s role to decide who our Prime Minister is. Fairfax should be telling us the news. Not trying to make it. And since they’ve failed at telling us the news for many years now, who the fuck do they think they are calling on the Prime Minister to resign as if it’s up to them decide? It reminds me of John Howard’s arrogant statement about asylum seekers:

‘We will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.’

Fairfax are saying exactly the same thing to readers about our Prime Minister. They think it’s their job to decide. This failed media outlet with a failed business model think they are going to play king maker with Kevin Rudd. So it’s beholden to bloggers like me to remind Fairfax of one major flaw in their reasoning as to why they think the Prime Minister should stand down. After saying some complimentary things about Prime Minister Gillard’s performance over the past three years, they announce that her message just isn’t getting through and this is why they’ve decide it’s time for her to go. Excuse me if I just lie down for a moment because I’m overcome with the irony and ridiculousness of this concept.

Why is Gillard’s message not getting through Fairfax? Might it be because you’ve been on a campaign to cause a leadership spill for the past three years, which has completely obliterated any focus on Gillard’s policy successes and the amazing work she has done in reforming this country, and therefore you are saying that because you, and your mainstream media colleagues have ignored policy in favour or rumour and innuendo that undermines the Prime Minister, you have caused a situation where Gillard’s message isn’t getting through? If you don’t see how you’ve created this circular reference, the Mobius strip of leadership tension, then you don’t have the intellectual capacity to be commenting on this situation.

To make this article even more ridiculous, your campaign to undermine the Prime Minister is just making you look desperate. Not Julia Gillard. We know you have a week left to try to get Kevin Rudd back into the Lodge. There’s no news in the fact Kevin Rudd wants to get back into the Lodge. Despite this, and despite the one failed challenge where it was revealed Rudd didn’t even come close to having the support of his Labor Party colleagues and the second aborted attempt where Rudd didn’t even challenge because he already knew he didn’t have the support of his Labor Party colleagues, you still keep flogging this dead horse like a desperate dumped boyfriend who doesn’t get his calls returned.

Maybe if you provided a quality product – full of interesting facts, analysis and real journalism – your business model wouldn’t be in such a dire position. Perhaps if you had made some correct choices in your editorial narrative over the past three years, you wouldn’t need to now be disrespecting your audience to the point where you think you decide who leads this country, all in a quest to sell more papers.


  1. Victoria I did not have the displeasure to have to read this tripe as I have given up on the media to present the news as news not as some third grade student form a journalism class to tell me a pack of lies.
    But if they succeed in assisting that half wit into the lodge well let it be on their head because it wont just be the few who will say journalists are the scum of the earth the large majority of the population will hold these cretins to account.

  2. Oh Victoria – I feel your pain and anger. Saw the ticker-tape on ABC24 about this and nearly choked on my coffee. This is the evidence that the filthy MSM needs to be put down to end our collective suffering, and its ongoing delusion.

    At least we can be ass-sewer-ed (to put an Abetz twang on it) that the LNP are getting mighty uncomfortable and more than a bit worried as we get closer to the election.

    The Australian newspaper deserves to die a prolonged and painful death for repeated and baseless attacks on PM Julia Gillard and the government.

  3. You never disappoint, Victoria. A first class piece which should shame all the mainstream media, especially the Press Gallery.

    This Quiz,

    and the answers says all we need to know about this shameful chapter in Australian history. The only consolation is that this approach smacks of a desperate attempt to stop our PM before she finally gets breathing space to expound the policies and program of this government.

    Let us not be daunted by this desperation.

  4. Great article again Victoria. Once again something we don’t get from the Main Sleaze Media. They are lower than the shit on your shoe. And the latest crap from The Age proves what a pathetic lot of individuals they are. They are so pathetic because they have not been able to get their way they are now pleading for Julia to step down. How pathetic these creeps are.When our great PM told the media a little while ago, ” it is easy don’t write crap”, I have come to the conclusion they were either 1. Asleep 2. Deaf or 3. They are so frigging thick they did not understand what she said. The MSM, just like Abbott and his misfits are so absolutely terrified of having to debate policies with the PM that the creeps are going into the foetal position at the thought of it.
    Vote for the Redhead not the Deadhead, because in your guts you know he’s nuts. And also a liar, hypocrite,coward and a Mysoginist .

  5. Thus The Age wrote its own obituary. RIP Age. Its for the best really, you have been unwell for years.

  6. Thus The Age wrote its own obituary. RIP Age. Its for the best really, you have been unwell for years.

  7. I believe the article in the Age is so toxic it is not funny for starters. When did this latest Rudd challenge come to the surface this week, was on Sunrise on 7 when Rudd started off, by saying “I believe” in the challenge for PM?

    Maybe Rudd after sleeping it rough in that darkest night while roughing it these mighty words may have been lingering in his dream like intelligence stance, these magic rhyming words could arise in the morning sun glow: ‘I believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows. I believe in the darkest night, a candle glows”.

    Whatever! Jumping to conclusions over a word that may differ from day to day is not NEWS at all. Stupid Media People are so dumb life is not funny anymore and I hate the Age anyway.

  8. Love your work Victoria. Congratulations on another article that gets right to the heart of the issue.

  9. Great post Victoria Captures the desperation of the msm and the Liars Party wrt to the PM who wouldn’t lie down & die.

    It’s hard to believe the sheer hypocrisy of the “more in sorrow than anger” tone of this poorly written pap, ending in this outrageous penultimate para

    Mr Abbott is being allowed to run almost entirely unchallenged with his preposterous claim that a Coalition government would ”stop the boats”, in part by turning back the pathetic trail of rickety vessels laden with asylum seekers. This is a potentially dangerous and deeply dispiriting approach. Labor’s inability to unscramble this sloganeering is damning.

    Labor’s inability to unscramble this sloganeering is damning???? Certainly not damning of the Labor party you carrot crunchers!!!

    Where were you when Liealot was running almost entirely unchallenged by the fcken msm with all of his preposterous claims?

    Where was your analysis of his idiotic 3 word slogans, his lies, obfuscations, FUD, innuendo, sexist attacks on the PM, the violent attacks on the PM by the toilet haunter and Sattler’s and Ackerman disgusting slurs?

    Where was your condemnation of the vile, cowardly attacks on Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper?

    Where is your in depth investigation of Pyne’s, Brough’s, Hockey’s & Abbott’s role in Ashbygate after Justice Rares’ scathing judgement?

    Where was your criticism of the opposition’s childish & disruptive behaviour in the House for the last 3 years?

    Where is your analysis of both parties’ policies?

    How dare they blame labor for what is an EPIC FAIL by the msm?

    • Terrific response Jane, so slug it to those idiot MSM’s loyal Abbott supporters with main stream media again and again, who are blinded to the fact it is illegal for Abbott to tow the boats back across international waters to Indonesia. Especially when those passengers are seeking refuge.

      And I will say it again Abbott will never be able to tow the boats back to Indonesia legally.

  10. I have a 12 month contract with the Age which finishes at the end of July. After that I will not be reading their rubbish any more. I will miss the Suduko.

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